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15 . 09 . 2014


No parking off, unless it’s weekend. Couldn’t get enough of this pink bricked wall downtown . Bubblegum lovers I suggest you pay it a visit; I did in my ethical dragon skin boots, with another oversized sack-like ensemble & a set reflective legs that could power any solar geyser.

COLLAGE: Sibling

14 . 09 . 2014

London Fashion Week is flourishing, and I couldn’t help but to dive in amore with Sibling‘s SS15 pre-fame Madonna inspired collection. A true reflection of  New York’s 80s style; with an handful of ra-ra skirts, oversized bows & the geometric print that has slowly creeped its way back onto the runway. Personally I feel


10 . 09 . 2014

Sack life, more commonly known as tenting or the one-item-outfit; let me present to you my SS14/15′s key item le sac robe. This cupro majestic piece of cloth will accompany me through the hot sweltering Cape Town summer, it will avoid the beach with me, drink sundowners at civilised bars with me, it will

DFF: LuckyBlue

9 . 09 . 2014

Feeling way too lucky in SEFLI’s SS14 bright blue dress while I ran to first shows of the last day of Durban Fashion Fair. I went for my standard “lets try be sporty, while not actually wearing anything remotely active look”. Who even am I wearing electric 80s blue with lace up white boots.

COLLAGE: Construct

8 . 09 . 2014

Inspired by the fact that my apartment is currently under demolition, either that or I have somehow developed a fondness for bricks. 
Individual images sourced via Pinterest & A Fashion Friend