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28 . 07 . 2015
Cargo contagion 6

White walls, infected by a khaki contagion. This colour is everything. So are general Wintery shades of green. Forest having been my new love, while khaki will remain my first. Green is rooting, earthy and stablizing, and heaven knows I need a little grounding right now. My to-do list is on fire. Keep it


22 . 07 . 2015
Azzurro The Visual Journal 5

Light shades of blue floating against a brick wall, while a full on hurricane blows through the streets of Cape Town. Okay perhaps a slight exaggeration but man is it windy – the past two days have side swept me into a parallel universe of Campari on ice and 4am beach parties. Can you


19 . 07 . 2015
Inferno The Visual Journal 11

If I ever find myself en route to Dantes Inferno – this is precisely what I would want to be wearing. I’ll let you in on a secret; I own this dress in 2 colour ways and version in silk – oversized and uniquely dip-dyed what more could you ask for? I picked up


15 . 07 . 2015
The Visual Journal Baci 9

The iconic red lip was a favourite of my mamas, our house was filled with swarms of the  bold body part in her art & ceramic collections. And thus the obsession was passed down! Paired with a stripe-on strip combination I may have been freezing but I fulfilled my Bastille tribute – cause a


13 . 07 . 2015

Nothing quite beats the winter sun. The true moment of   appreciation comes when that warm ray of light smacks you cold face like a kiss from the heavens. To keep warm I have gone back to the basics; key layering and the normcore classics.
1. The down puffer, probably more suited to Europe’s snowy