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18 . 06 . 2015

Inclement: Adjective (of the weather, the elements, etc.) severe, rough, or harsh; stormy. Oh the Winter season is upon us, which means an influx of layers, dark colours and my happiness. Easy as that, the merciless wind that pumps though Cape Town’s CBD is relentless and unkind. It will be 3 months of trousers so


8 . 06 . 2015

Latest work for A Fashion Friend June issue 65. A studio shoot with too much flash, a rocking team and an unsual fixation on eyebrows. Where the fuck is Wally? Escaping for a European adventure I’m sure. Achromatic – without colour.


29 . 05 . 2015

Winter is upon us, and dressing up like a Inspector Clouseau x Safari Ranger is me living my best two lives in oine look. Currently we’re decorating our new offices in town, settling into the coloest space with even cooler people. The weather may indeed be gloomy but future prospects are far from. AFF’s June issue


27 . 05 . 2015

My absolute hue for Winter. Take me to a forest of pines and on an adventure I will go.
1. SHADES Miu Miu at Sunglass Hut/ 2. BRACELET Chloè /3. BLOUSE Mango/  4. BAG Gucci/ 5. PLATFORMS Jeffrey Campbell


29 . 04 . 2015

Finally the colder months are here, and wearing your parka indoors at the office is socially acceptable. Mind you, pretty much any ridiculous fashion faux pas is acceptable when you work at an independently run online magazine. But with this dreamy weather, the flu ensues and I have pretty much been man down since